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oh, lots of leaf clean up this time of the year! Taking leaves to compost pile! This is a huge motivation to actually doView full post »

snow day!

Ruby enjoying it too! Happy snow from our home to yours! What a day, what a beautiful day! As we hustle thru schoolingView full post »

I could burst!!! with gratefulness…

I am feeling so much gratitude right now I could burst! A week ago today my kids were playing with their light savorsView full post »

thankfulness and joy go hand ‘n hand

A gift on Valentine’s day! Jammies sent to me by my dad for valentine’s day! I am feeling a bit gitty rightView full post »

He is the focus

I had a dream a few nights ago…I dreamed I was in the kitchen with a bowl I always use. It is glass and has a pourView full post »

sister longing….

I am going thru my day and it hits me, “I cannot talk to two of my sisters for a little over a week.” IView full post »


Have you ever prayed for something with fear of how the Lord would go about it to accomplish it? Kind of like one eyeView full post »

Monday is on the rise!

I woke up this morning about 3 AM with head FULL of the things ahead. Nothing surprising or that I didn’t alreadyView full post »

Happy New year!

I had to look twice before getting warmed up to see if I still had the tips of my fingers attached to my hand whenView full post »

reflecting the day after….

Merry Christmas! Christmas morn….opening gifts, eating apple struedel, hot chocolate, (tea for Momma, Jim boughtView full post »

A few of my favorite things….

This is cold baby Jesus Layton decided to warm up. Peanut butter divinity arrived TODAY! It is soooooo good, good job MaView full post »

get up and go…

Usually this time of the year I am obsessing over what it must of been like to be Mary. What a woman, so many times IView full post »

making time for relationship

Oh the trials and triumphs we face as we parent. A feeling of total disconnection Why? Not taking time to relate GoingView full post »

putting it out there!

I had a conversation today that confirmed what the Lord has been speaking to me about. I think He is revealing somethingView full post »


This morning I woke up and got out of running because I had a date to meet my favorite girls for coffee at 6 AM (nowView full post »