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Momma is a ROCK STAR!

Ok, let’s just say I had to wear this shirt today in order to convince myself, I COULD DO IT! What a day!View full post »

My Ninja boy!

 Brayden had his best day this year! He got second in hurdles with his best time!   He got second in pole vaultingView full post »

double digit

Corvan turned 10 years old this week. I asked what he wanted for birthday dinner and he said he didn’t care. ThisView full post »

egg tortillas

These early morning wrestling days where we have to get up before dawn or so many times when dirt bike racing and noView full post »

voting and more fall fun

Today I sit down and do that which is important to any citizen of the United States and that is vote. Even though we getView full post »

summer hike

We took a day trip to hike into a breath taking lake today.   I know I have said this so many times….God is bigView full post »

thinking about today!

Today, today is one of those days you are grateful because it means everything when you look at what it stands for…View full post »

oh, this world I live in…..

We got a few minutes of sunshine this week and we took advantage by playing a little ball with…..well, let’sView full post »

week of this and thats!

Today is a big day! Jim comes home for good for a while anyway. The kids are looking forward to his arrival. Corvan,View full post »

laughter is good to have in a Momma!

I have not had a good laugh like that in a long time. I’ve decided, I am just WAY to serious. God made us to beView full post »

rain, run, and St. Patty!

I woke up this morning with the plan to get out there and go for my run! This was what was third on the agenda afterView full post »

warm in the winter? In our house? YES!

Lookee, lookee, lookee!!!!! Oh, is this family excited, shed the layers, and come on in…..we have a WOOD STOVE toView full post »

a much happier and productive day ahead!

Let’s see, I’m going for a run and bound and determined to GET OUT THERE. It’s rainy with a breeze,View full post »

birthdays for Momma and baby!

We have been busy celebrating another year older my baby and me! Jordan turned 6 years old. We had the family over forView full post »

Trip to Arizona!

It’s been a little while since I have been over to bloggie world. I miss those blogs that I keep my eyes on. IView full post »