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It’s a day to show your love…..

A few events happening around here: Jim came home, a surprise! Not sure when or if he has to go back but since he’View full post »

Undercover party host!

A teenager, a mother, a request, trying to come thru, one way thinking, and say it isn’t so…..does any ofView full post »

getting back to normal!

Kids went back to school on Monday. Reluctantly, after staying up late for a week. I put Jordan to bed Sunday night.View full post »

enjoying friends in need!

I am sooooooo excited! I think I have one of the most fun times I have had in such a long time. I shouldn’t beView full post »

It’s a war zone around here!

Oh my goodness, I say that with a big breath! Even in a storm the Lord brings blessings. And today? I mean thisView full post »

me and the dryer!

SNOW, WE HAVE SNOW!!!! I got up this morning to feed the horses in the stalls, sat on the hay stack and just enjoy theView full post »

being brave or being a baby…..

Is anyone else besides me so scared of the dentist that the anticipation of knowing the appointment is coming sends youView full post »

winter season happenings

A few pictures of the weekend. I did alot of watching and waiting while the kiddoes did their thing. Corvan is on toView full post »

1st post of 2012!

Kiddoes just got home from school, first day back and glad to be back on schedule again. I did feel a bit lonely todayView full post »

good morning on Christmas Morning……

Tradition, this girl likes tradition!! Candlelight service was beautiful,but more than that I just LOVE having my familyView full post »

Merry Christmas 2011

A quiet morning, I woke up under my warm covers and thanking my Lord for another year. I was going back thru my mind ofView full post »

the innkeeper

This time of the year I am always mindful of the Christmas story and usually hone in on a specific area, usually Mary,View full post »

Oh, tis the season!

‘Tis the season! What a fun time it is. It seems as though I have already started the season off with realView full post »

Thanksgiving 2011

Do you know how you can just see the hand of God in something so strongly? I have seen this in the past couple of daysView full post »