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on our own…..

I’ve been a busy girl holding down the fort around here. My three biggest boys (one being husband) left for anView full post »

October 31st

This day, I never can get into it, I just don’t like it. I know that in some ways it can be innocent enough but IView full post »

more fun with the cuz’s and more…..

I have yet to write about meeting my new baby niece, Maezie. I waited for 5 weeks, five weeks to long, but she was justView full post »

being a big girl…..

As a woman do you ever catch yourself doing something that you KNOW isn’t what you are suppose to be doing? MaybeView full post »

The throne…..

As I was in church standing before the Lord in a posture of worship the Lord showed me a picture. I was walking towardsView full post »

homecoming hair and remembering…..

My friend Linda brought in her daughter and friend to get hair done for homecoming. It always brings me back to when IView full post »

check it out!!!!

I am so excited I could just scream! Check it out! Check it out! C-H-E-C-K I-T O-U-T!!! As I said, don’t hold itView full post »

A day in the life of Marlece these days….

A day in the life of Marlece these days. It is all so different but not so much too. It seems the time just FLIES but itView full post »

My life in a nutshell….

I was tagged by my sweet friend Olga at ‘My extraodinary Life’ so here goes: My life in a nut shell: ~I wasView full post »

50 and smilin’

Soft spiritHumbleLoves the outdoorsGardenerHard workerStrong work ethicConcernedWifeMother DaughterAuntStrongView full post »


Happenings of this past week: ~Jordan got student of the week and he didn’t even know it! After seeing him in theView full post »

A week and my new ‘teen’

Notes coming from this Momma this past week. Well, I made it thru the first week of full on school with all in schoolView full post »

a weekend with the parents and Corv’s first game.

A weekend filled with fun with the parents, Corvan’s first game, riding bikes and playing at the river, ridingView full post »

first day, new day!

Oh gosh, what a day, what a day! This is how my first day of being in this house with my own self went today…&#View full post »

A day spent with Momma…..

Oh, it was Labor day and this Momma felt like it was ‘Mother’s Day’. We went to the beach for the dayView full post »