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change brings change….

I took a little hiatus from blogging for a while. I missed hearing and seeing what was going on out there with all! So,View full post »

5 question friday

1. Do you close the bathroom door when you are home alone? ugh, no, I am one open door girl….probably too muchView full post »

summer coming to a close…..

This summer is scootin’ right by, and I’m trying not to panic but I think husband is feeling my, let’sView full post »


Today the clouds rolled in, no complaining, for we have several days of gorgeous weather. But it has left me feeling aView full post »

five question friday!

So, decided to join in again on the 5 question Friday so here goes: 1. Do you have siblings and are you close with them?View full post »

I was scared…..

I run this five mile loop four times a week. Same thing, I like to change it up at times for sure but this is my usualView full post »

wedding day!

This day….a beautiful day from the beginning to the very end! Niece Lashae and Chaney tied the knot in front ofView full post »

Summer fun on the way to the BIG DAY!

oh my, oh my, I can’t wait to share my week with you! It was a bit nerve wracking leaving our Ruby with all ofView full post »

midwife to octomom

Oh my, our dear sweet Ruby had her pups last night. She birthed 9, one died, and there are 8 thriving little darlingsView full post »

boot issues and being called out on it!

I am writing in response to a comment from my sis on my last post. I thought it deserved a whole post of it’s ownView full post »

Let the hair down a little today!

I had a great day today with my Brayden. This kid works hard and he also plays hard and we worked hard to play today! WeView full post »

Fun in the sun!

A weekend and the last few days of playing in the sun! Look at my baby posing for me, he cracks me up! Cool cats, do youView full post »

all is well now!

Isn’t this sweet, my big baby! Jim, hangin’ with Layton in the evening.Hellllllooooooooo bloggie world! OhView full post »

5 question Friday!

I decided to join in on the 5 questions Friday this week. It looked like fun! What is your favorite TV show?My favoriteView full post »

1st day of summer 2011

I am loving that today is officially the first day of summer and the weather is even acting like it knows it! AllView full post »