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    This is where my heart my table feeding people. Not only does cooking bring out the artsy in me again for I love to try new things, it also gives me pleasure to have many at my table. The Lord blessed me with a table that has been passed down from many generations and I know that many have sat at it before my time to fellowship together. I want to continue that heritage in my home. The Lord gave me the gifting of hospitality and I have a huge desire to please Him in this area. So enjoy a recipe or two when you go to "At my table"

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Precious as gold and of value like no other…..


I have said it before, “God has overly and abundantly blessed me in the friend department.” I have never taken this for granite and I cherish it.

I know many women who say, “my husband is my best friend,” well, ok, if I treated Jim with the fast talk and the highs in my voice and the lows with my drama hands,  then the tears and the laughter, I think he would tear up in confusion.  I also know many girls who say they don’t have a friend but then have a standing date with a psychologist/counselor to air out her feelings. Ok, so she is treating the person she pays to basically be her friend. There are all kinds of reasons and excuses why one does or does not have a friend. I always tell my kids to have a friend is to be a friend. Treat another as you want to be treated.

I love my friends and in the past couple of years I’ve had heart breaks in some friendships that have really affected me daily. These friendships that became distant from me weren’t out of any particular thing that I can put my finger on they chose to just distance themselves from me. So, I’ve been talking to God about it a lot because as I said my heart is broken. I think, well maybe this way I will speak to God more rather than a friend but then after this time has gone by it’s almost as if God has become a little more distant because I’m not hashing things out with a friend on what God’s perspective is so to have realizations of what I hadn’t thought of before, or praying with my friend, or giving praise with a friend. It all just hangs tight inside of my chest like it is going to explode most of the time.

Doing life with that friend, a phone call, a text that only you two understand, running with a friend, having lunch or coffee (that’s what we do around here even though I don’t drink coffee, iced green tea please), the other day I went on a run with a friend and we were hashing out a little life to one another and realized we had just gone 7 miles when we intended to do 4 1/2. To be frank with a friend about a marriage issue or a kid issue……….it’s golden.

I think I have buried these feelings for a while because it hurts really bad when the issue comes to the surface so I tend to just stuff but I’ve been reading in the bible about friendships and Jesus had them, David had a best friend, Paul and Timothy were close like a father to a son, it goes on and on. God believes in friendship, so it’s been setting high on the surface of my heart and I walk around on the verge of tears. I know the Lord will heal my heart, it’s just going to take time because of the investment that has been deposited into my heart over the years with these friendships. I miss them and have thought about stepping out to make one more effort but at this point scared to be shut down AGAIN! It’s clear what they want and I need to honor that and love them from a distance, because maybe it’s not about me at all.

I still do have many friends I love and cherish and making more. I still need to keep my heart open and not close it off because of hurt with someone else, this is the challenge. I will keep digging deep with those that want to dig with me.

Your Face Mirrors Your Heart

17 You use steel to sharpen steel,
    and one friend sharpens another. Proverbs 27:17


October 5, 2016 - 10:21 am

Brandee Shafer - Girl, you know you can always call me. I miss our talks on the phone. Love you.

October 5, 2016 - 4:07 pm

Yvette - Thanks for sharing this! What an encouragement it was to my weary heart. I wish that we lived closer. 😊

October 6, 2016 - 11:48 am

Nora Basso - I want to dig with you, Marlece. I’m loving getting to know you more. Thanks for your honesty.

50 years and counting

This is how the story goes……….

These two fell in love and got married.

mom and dad wedding day

A few years later this guy here was getting tears from his woman because she was wanting a baby so this is what the result of that was.


Then a couple years later they wanted a sibling to their daughter. And then this happened…..


We did this when we learned we were going to add another one to the nest.


The beautiful 3rd…..




Ok, now we have an uneven number……we need a baby in the family……


This is what happens with that youngest one. Admiration…..still…..


Thru all the up’s and the down’s they managed to hold tight and continue…………


So a few months back us girls were going back and forth on HOW ARE WE GOING TO get us sisters, husbands, all 25 great grandkids and 4 great grands all in one spot when living in 5 different states, trying to afford it, trying to get our schedules to come together, well……. impossible was pretty much the census.

So, instead we decided to surprise the folks with a gift to the place they had their honeymoon. Lincoln City, OR.

What was their gift? All of us girls, 2 flying in, and spending a weekend honoring and loving them.



Aren’t they still just HOT!?



We celebrated. We went out to a lovely dinner and then back to cut the cake. Dad prayed over each one of us girls and we toasted to us girls being thankful for them being amazing examples to what marriage is all about.






After all of these years they still have the charisma along with the love.


Our hearts are full to the rim. It was a special time for each one of us. May the Lord keep showering his blessings upon my parents and on this family they have created. I think they would say it’s not the love of each other that binds them together tightly but the love of the Lord together that keeps then loving each other.

Thank you Mom and Dad for living by example on how a marriage can be done for 50 years and counting………….





September 5, 2016 - 7:22 pm

Sharon Davis - That was a beautiful tribute

a visit to see sister and cousins

We took a little trip over to see Sister Jenay and the cousins. My boys love their cousins. We have done a lot of life with them and when they don’t see them for a time they really begin to miss them.

We took a day and went to Sunriver. Very proud and happy to be spending the day playing together  today.


These two, they don’t just look a TONE a like from the time we put them together,  they also are great buddies.  From the time Jordan came out of the womb I said he looked exactly like Jenay sometimes it freaked me out a little bit and then she had one to match him.  CRAZY!


Mik has gotten huge and we love this kids personality. He really is witty and fun to be around. You can see Corv is happy to have this boy by his side, all smiles.


Esther, every time I’m near her, I want more of her. She has this soothing tone about her that makes me happy to know her.


This little gem bucket, she is this little owl who  is too sweet for words. She loved the water at the kiddie pool.  LOOK at those eyes!


I feel satisfaction when I get to spend time with sister. We don’t see or talk like we use to so I miss her terribly but when I do get a piece of her I feel a deep sense of happiness.


My mom was with us too, why no pictures I am not sure, ugh!

Great summer happening that happened right here on this day.


August 28, 2016 - 8:51 am

Jeany - Oh I love this post and these pictures!!! This was a truly fun day. I love you and your boys and I’m so thankful you took the time to come and play.

August, the month of panic

At the end of August every year I begin this trail of anxiety, panicking, nonstop craziness in my head. Summer is almost gone, my kids are going back to school, another season. I do well with change, I actually like it, but if I don’t feel prepared for it that’s when I wake up at 2:30 in the morning and drive Jim nuts with my up and down, toss and turn, get up and write to empty my brain and TONES of praying. God has His way with me, He does not care what time it is or if I’m tired. This is usually when He can get my undivided attention and no interruptions  accept my dozing off before I’m awakened again.

Here are a few pictures of a fabulous time we had on a camping trip just Corvan, Jordan, and I did.  It was a little sad, knowing that Jim and my bigs are busy working and doing the manly thing. I’m grateful, but they were missed. At the same time I don’t want my youngest to think they don’t get to go play because they aren’t with us. It also gives the younger ones a chance to step it up and be men on our trip. Putting up the tent, starting the fire, cleaning up camp, you know, those man jobs. Protecting their mother from the big bad something.

Challenging and exciting and more than ALL  breathtaking! You had to wear tennis shoes that you are ok with to get wet.  Because you are wadding in water at times knee deep and climbing huge fallen logs.



THIS part, do you see the boys swimming? This is the ONLY way to get to the prize falls. It is deep I do NOT like cold water so I was freaking out a bit. See the boy scaling the side to get over to the other side? It’s straight up and down and very little chance you will make it without falling in. Corvan took my precious  camera and swam with it over his head to the other side while I attempted the wall. I DID IT! Not without Jordan throwing my foot into a crevice of the rock because I was dangling with my finger tips.  Once I got over to the other side all I could think about was, “I got to get back over AGAIN!”


Almost there……



Jumping off a rock at the beautiful falls.



More falls…..


Oh, we had a good time! GORGEOUS! It’s amazing all the ‘new to me’ things you can discover when you have lived in the Pacific Northwest all of your life.

We got to our camp spot and set up camp, ate some hot dogs on the grill, sat around the fire, ate smores,  went swimming some more and we crashed in the  tent with Corv on one side and Jor on the other. Just the way I like it.

Sigh…….it’s been fun!


Tomato yum salad

Every year it seems as though I get hooked on one salad for the year. THIS salad was it for this summer season. I CANNOT get enough!



This is the deal, I have this all at my finger tips from Bona’s garden. (I know I am spoiled ROTTEN!) So, this is what I created, and am in love with…..

Tomato Yum Salad

1 can of black beans (rinsed and drained)

12 cherry tomatoes cut in half

2 cups of corn off the cob (or frozen that is unfrozen)

1 bunch of cilantro chopped (I LOVE the smell of cilantro I wish I could glue a piece of it to my nose for the day)

1/2 cup chopped red onion

Juice of 1 lime

1/4 cup of olive oil

salt to taste and pepper

Stir all together, let sit in frig for 10 minutes and then crumble a bit of feta cheese on the top.

We ate this salad a lot with a big fat piece of grilled steak next to it.





August 18, 2016 - 6:37 pm

Amy Cushman - How ’bout bringing some to your dear ol’ friend. 🙂