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Happy birthday Mom!

Today is Mom’s birthday.  I hope she feels honored and loved more than ever on this day.

Recently she spent several days with us here. I still miss her, doing life together was fun. I would say, “hey Mom, I have to go drop Corv off at his friends house,” and she would hop in and go. We went on walks together and we made dinner together and we, (she mostly) cleaned the kitchen together, laundry. It was a team effort on all fronts.

Here are some pictures of some of our time together.

Mom loves the beach, so do we.



We also went on several hiking trips, she LOVES this as much as I do.



A little selfie of us at the horse races, that was FUN!


Mom spent some time with her bestie here at the house. This beautiful Momma always keeps my Momma in a fit of laughter.


Anyway, Mom plays many roles with amazingness. She is a wife, mother, friend, MeMe, career woman, house wife, Great MeMe, auntie, sister, the list goes on but most of all she is a princess to the King of Kings and I just happen to be the daughter of that! Love you Mom!

summer biking

The boys did a poker ride with their dad this summer. It does feel a little strange these days. Our two big boys are off working and being independent so now we have the ‘two’.

Glad Jim still takes time to take them out on the trail. They all enjoy it.


Headed out, see you back in a few hours!


How could you not love this face?


Conquered! Whew, lots of mud, lots of fun!


What does momma do while these boys are riding do you ask?

I end up eating the food I packed for them

I read

I wander around

I prepare for their arrival (even though they change it around when they arrive)

I pray

I look for them coming out of the forest so that I may take pictures of it.

Always fun!

Poppa turns 71 years old

We got to be with the cousins to celebrate Poppa’s 71st birthday.


Poppa also got the chance to play Doc Franke on his 71st birthday. Jordan slammed his finger in the door and dad had to take a drill to the nail to relieve pressure.

A picture after the fact.


Oh those grands, they love poppa.


Maezie is always going in to the 5th wheel to visit MeMe and Poppa for a little talk, juice, lovin’…..


Grateful for the years this man has poured into my life. I am a very blessed daughter. Thank you Jesus for giving me an earthly father whom I love, adore, and respect.

friendship and dresses!

This was a day full of happy moments for me. These three girls and I have been apart of each others lives for years. Lisa has moved distance away from us but it doesn’t keep us from seeing one another.

On this particular day we got to share in helping Lisa pick out the mother of the bride dress. She is the first to have one of our darlings marry so we all got in on giving our ‘mattered’ opinions. It was not difficult because the minute she put the right one on she just owned it right then and there. It was obvious instantly.

Connie and Cheri waiting for Lisa to come out of the dressing room, anticipation right here.


Not the dress, but we like!


Shoes to go with the dress…….


She just might kill me for putting this one up, I can’t resist…..lemon? banana? margarita? Well, we got a good laugh anyway.


We did find the perfect one, and you’ll just have to imagine it for yourself. She will be beautiful for her daughters special day.

A little lunch to end the day. I love sharing life easy, hard, sad, and happy with these girls. God knows how to give good gifts and these are that for me.


One day we will be a hundred years old and talking about these moments together.

Love you girls!

July 26, 2016 - 10:25 am

Jody Collins - Best friends are a priceless gift.

dad & I trail riding & more

I have said this over and over but I believe it so strongly. A HERO my dad is to me. My dad turns 71 in a couple of days. This man, along with my mom are always moving towards the next thing. THIS time, they have studied their ever loving brains out and both passed their Texas Real Estate License test. Dad finished and took his test while here. He studied, it just amazes me. It’s an example to me that my brain is not too old or tired to do something new and challenging. They are headed to Texas to be near sister and family, but first they stopped to spend some quality time with us.

When dad got here, we had fence to build. He got right in there and did it! Asking the boys if the electrical fence was working by…..touching it, ha!


Dad took over the care of the horses, he’s truly a horse whisperer.

When we were kids, after training a horse well he would prove it by walking them thru our house. Um, mom?

dad and horses

Rosie is rarin’ to go


THIS makes me a bit choked up. I got to spend a whole day, just dad and I on the trail.  Not tones of words exchanged but we knew we were both happy right here in the saddle together.


Best looking cowboy in town.


Oh, a little trot down the trail.


Handsome, both of them, don’t you think?


Satisfied daughter right here.



A little selfie on the horses


Onward back home. On our way home we both verbalized that this was a good day, a good memory one we won’t forget, and that we were happy.


And then……he topped it off at the end of the week, him and Brayden building me horse racks for my saddles.

saddle rack

What a day, may I just say how over joyed I am.