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PROM, Junior year

Here we are spring and it’s PROM! So here we go…..

You have to ask with a little creativity so this is what Momma came up with (aren’t I brilliant?)


Jim helped Brayden get the jeep all spiffy for the ride to prom.


Always unique my boy is…..


Always messing around this crew


The big group


Sweet girl, meet Brayden’s date for the evening, Faelyn.



Happy Momma!


Well, they are off to dinner and then some heavy dancing and that will end the day for Prom 2016.



Running, running, and jumping…..

We are in heavy running season in this household. We have had much fun!

I was asked why Corvan and Jordan weren’t in any sports this season besides a little of this and that, my answer has been that I am sick of a coach always telling my kids what to do I’m ready to do the telling. That is with a laugh, but much truth in it, lots of spring cleaning around here and I really need their help. This also instills good work ethic, that is the goal anyway.

I also have been on this huge kick of really not wanting my kids to function on how culture sees things but that they need to work for what they get, it needs to be earned. Entitlement is out of control, not just in our kids but in our society. I want the kids and I to understand that it takes effort on our part for whatever, we don’t expect anything out of nothing. I could give you one hundred and one examples of this, but a few I see that drive me crazy……Mom made dinner so now mom cleans kitchen up. Um no! Or….. I finished school so therefore, mom and dad, send me to college. Um no, where are the scholarships? And, where is your job? Oh this one…….(not so much anymore but its a big one) when your kids are on a team, play a game and then afterwards every time the parents provide ‘snack’. What the heck? I am sure they can survive for another 10 minute ride home to eat a meal. This ‘snack’ thing is what makes our kids think we have to have something going in at all times.

Anyway, I’m really trying to ‘listen’ when I hear a twinge of that entitlement thing come out. It makes us ungrateful and the goal is always to come out of whatever and express our thankfulness rather than, what it ‘could’ have been because of thinking we were entitled.

Ok, enough of my rant…..Jordan and I ran the Seattle Seahawk 12k. Jordan ran the 5k, I ran the 12k. It was so much fun. The family went to cheer us on and it was just fun!


Oh my goodness, this kid, I love him so, he can RUN!!!!!!!! He ran in an age group of 15 and under. Out of 147 kids he got 8th place with a 7:20 pace time per minute. Jim and Corvan were wandering around and missed him coming in because they didn’t think it would be THAT fast. Cracks me up!


Just finished! A 12k is 7 miles, but when I hit that  7 mile marker, I thought the end was NEVER going to come, a few over!



Nice job buddy, nice job!


And then…..we have this going on………SCREAMMMMMMM!

chehalis track meet 2016 1

Brayden had a PR of 13’6″ and won this invitational. He got recognized in the Olympian and was interviewed.

chehalis track meet 2016 2

I’m sorry, I just have to do it again, SCREAMMMMMM!

chehalis track meet 2016 3

Oh my sweet darlin’, how I love thee.

chehalis track meet 2016

Ok, that is that.

Thank you Lord for our healthy strong bones and body’s. I really am serious when I say that, I tell Him every single day!

Hope you are enjoying your spring, it really has been so lovely. We have had some great weather!


April 25, 2016 - 10:50 am

Janice C. Johnson - Wow, you ROCK, Marlece! Congratulations on the run, and the same to your boys for their track endeavors!

April 25, 2016 - 8:28 pm

Shauna - Word on the entitlement thing👊🏼. Oh and the snack thing… Shoot me!!! Ugh! Oreos to get us through a 90 min game?!? What on earth?!?

Oh Brayden. You are so rediculously handsome. I’m already mad at your future wife. She better be reeeaaaallly nice. 😂

Creamy Chicken and Rice Soup


Creamy chicken and rice vegetable soup.

3 cups chicken broth

2 medium carrots sliced thinly

1/2 cup sweet onion chopped

1/2 cup chopped celery

1 cup chopped cooked chicken

1/2 cup uncooked rice

1 tsp thyme

1 15 oz container of refrigerated Alfredo sauce

1 cup of frozen corn

Combine turkey broth, carrots, celery, onion and bring to a boil, reduce heat and simmer until vegetables are soft. Stir in chicken, corn and Alfredo sauce and heat thru.

Get yourself a bowl, scoop some soup in it,  with a piece of french bread and let me tell you this soup is smooth and really soothing. Enjoy!


DESERT 100 with Team Lasher

Last weekend we did the big trip with the camper, trailer, bikes and headed over the mountain to Eastern Washington to the Desert 100. I must say, it is the most fun I have had with all the boys in a long time. As dusty and grimmie as we all get it is a BLAST!

The Desert 100 is a race across the desert that covers 100 miles. There are almost 400 people that enter the race.

The day before is a 50 mile ride for all who want to go. It’s not a race but it’s for fun. Here are one million and one pictures.

Breakfast before the big moment. Do you see that camper behind them? When we got there at 1 in the morning we could find NO places and this is the spot Layton found for us, right by his camper name, it was meant to be.


He’s preparing…..


Tiesha and I spent a lot of time together waiting for our guys. We read, we ate, we walked, and talked, mostly enjoyed some SUN!


Oh my goodness, is this the sweetest thing ever? Take that helmet off so I can eat you.


Grand doggie, Maple


Oh, how I love thee.


Alllllllll ready to go!


See ya in a few hours……


Jim is really the one who should get a huge medal for finishing 50 miles with his two boys that he hangs with and helps them in and  out of scary spots. The boys are good riders because he put the time in to get them from one point to the next.


They all had a great time and made it back in ONE piece, whew!

Here we are the next morning!!!!!!!!! Before the BIG RACE!!!!!!!!!!


Jim is the ‘pit crew’. Many restrictions in which he got the boys ready to go.


So, this is how the race goes……Layton and Brayden are a team. They can use only one bike, one number (same chest protector) Layton rides first, does 50 miles and then he stops to fuel up, give over bike to Brayden, switch gear and then Brayden goes the second half.


Headed off to the racers meeting and to send Layton off………This is where Momma starts biting my finger nails (if I bit my finger nails)


This is the scene of all the riders heading for the starting line. This is a thrill to see, almost 400 of these guys attempting this scariness.


There he is, there he is, there he is…….bike number 695, he looks strong doesn’t he?


Layton………….(he got 2nd in the hole shot) He said he heard that canon go off and he jumped on that bike, started it up and flew!!!


Just at two hours and he was back. Now, Brayden is off. “Are you tired honey? Do you want some water?”


I think he said, “yes, please,” ate his chili, drank some water, and then this………….


SCREEEEAAAAMMMMM!!!!!!! Jump around, jump around, here he comes into the finish. My blood is pumping and I have a lump in my throat right now just looking at this picture. SUCH A THRILL!!!!!


Heading for the podium!


I have no words……..(snif)



That’s a wrap for the Desert 100 2016 with TEAM LASHER getting 8th place out of 49 team riders.


Really a great time, how is it that God is so good to have given me such amazing days that I can look back on and smile and appreciate all that He has provided for me? I am blessed……

Now……I have to go impress my husband by driving the camper and big fat trailer down the road for 90% of the ride home so all can get their sleep on.

What was I thinking in that drivers seat with my set of the eyes being the only ones open?

-I am thirsty for some freshly brewed ice tea

-Thank you God for such an amazing time

-I can’t WAIT to hit the shower

-Look at ALLLLL this work when we get home of putting this stuff away!

-So thankful the boys are safe and no one got hurt

-So grateful for the sun shining on my face, I so needed it.

-3 of them are snoring and I can handle it, it’s kind of soothing (at the moment)

-“God, if you are as proud of your children as I am right at this moment of mine, you must be one happy God.”

-Ok, pass me if you please, I don’t even care……..



freakin’ fun!

continued…..Sister Shauna lives not far from the happiest place in the world. But I have to say……Sha’s comes in right there at the top. Jordan even voiced this fact to us while there. The cousins just don’t get to see each other, not even kind of enough. There is just a genuine love for each other. I think there is something about cousins because we kind of all raise our kids in the same fashion they just become fast friends, JUST LIKE THAT even with all the distance between them!

Shauna and family, they have many come and go thru their home and they know how to love on you the minute you walk into that door. I felt like I was in a 5 star hotel. I get to our room and there is a huge basket of amazing yummies, magazine, drinks, and Justin even added a cigar for Jim, HELLO, this spoke, ” I love Justin!” Anyway, we came driving into the driveway and they are sitting outside in the rocker chair outside their door waiting for our arrival. It’s the small things, don’t you know…..

This was our first experience to this amazing fast food, had to take a picture, doesn’t everybody when they go here? We went here with instruction on how to order right before we hit the Vaughan household.


Sat down with sister while her kids all chimed in to make an amazing salmon feast. It was AMAZING!


This is the bunch…..playing Frisbee football together, look at them all!


Took a day to play at the beach after dropping some off to go to school. We got to be apart of their morning chapel before school. What an experience, the honor this school gives to others is like no other. What an incredible place to be able to educate your children, whoa!


These two, it was a happy time to do some ‘catching up’. They even went out on a little date to eat big fat hamburgers and movie. She is not only sweet but the most amazing baker in the planet, I have much to learn from her.


Are those some satisfied faces?




She just does the California girl thing so well, it just fits her.


These two…..those four…..we went to Santa Monica, OH MY GOSH, I am in LOVE! The guys were so great, they even let us run around to all the stores, one to another, then the other and on and on……Aughghghghg!!!!!!!! SO MUCH FUN! Did I mention we left the kids at home?


Sunset was just sooooooooo……well, just look at it…..


My year…..yes, Justin, you see that? THAT ME!


A fantastic dinner to end the night.


Ok, little sister, thank you for sharing your home, thank you for sharing your kids, thank you for sharing your world, thank you for praying together as family, thank you for every single bit of our visit. You are a movie star family to us. You and Justin are instilling  amazing  things into your kids lives and it shows in every single one of them, they are all  unique and loving in their own incredible way.  Thank you for  our time together.  I know each one of us felt the LOVE!


Please Lord, please don’t allow the miles between us distance us, I dropped tears on the way out, cuz I just want to see all when I want to see all, like tomorrow if I wish.

Thank you sweet Jesus for the memories of a life time.