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It’s that time of the year when this house is all about the MOVE and FOOD!  I’ve said it so many timesView full post »

Spring break shenanigans

This spring break has been full, full of building muscle from all the leaf picking up we have been doing. After someView full post »

August, the month of panic

At the end of August every year I begin this trail of anxiety, panicking, nonstop craziness in my head. Summer is almostView full post »

summer biking

The boys did a poker ride with their dad this summer. It does feel a little strange these days. Our two big boys are offView full post »

Poppa turns 71 years old

We got to be with the cousins to celebrate Poppa’s 71st birthday. Poppa also got the chance to play Doc Franke onView full post »

dad & I trail riding & more

I have said this over and over but I believe it so strongly. A HERO my dad is to me. My dad turns 71 in a couple of daysView full post »

Another season down!

I have a million and one pictures and am not here to bore anybody but I can’t help it. So here goes……View full post »

the results!

It was a good day indeed! All the members of the team that made it this far worked so hard the whole week before toView full post »

This is how you make wrestling momma’s cry

I think my adrenaline is on high usage since yesterday. Did you happen to see the Seahawks play today? Oh my goodness,View full post »

movin’ on to the next move…..

This time of the year my boys have that genuine ‘I’m tired’ feeling. I have a very close father likeView full post »

slumber party!

I had a date night with the my two babes. The big ones were gone for the night so we had our first slumber party.View full post »


Do they look tough? WINNER! (check out the ‘ole ref, he looks more excited than Corv~ha!) PIN! Jordan going for itView full post »

humbled again…

This is one of those things, do I share or keep it to myself? I figured I would put it out there and just let it beView full post »