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Ok, yes, you can call this the brag center

This is one of the prouder moments Jim and I will have. Jordan, got top 10 academically in his school. I am so over theView full post »

SURPRISE,Jordan is 11!

This boy of mine……how is it that the Lord sees fit to give the best gifts when you didn’t even ask forView full post »

SNOW we LOVE snow!!!!!!!!!

I will take snow over rain ANY day! A few pictures of my favorite creatures in the snow. Good evening kiddoes!  View full post »

wrestling season is full and fun!

Wrestling, wrestling, wrestling……..this is what we do!  Jordan, on top putting some hurt on this boy.View full post »

to sit, remember, and give thanks!

I have been rushing, rushing, rushing, it’s just what this time of the year brings a lot of going from one thingView full post »

Run like a dog Roob, Roob!

Today, was a day we have been anticipating. It was a like a milestone that we were all so excited to accomplish. It hasView full post »

Definitely our spot this summer!

Summer, it always brings out adventure, barbecuing, yummy salads, lots of outside work, not interested in inside work.View full post »

hay season

This year hay season has come and gone. Normally the rule of thumb is to wait after the 4th of July because it rainsView full post »

4th of July!

Fun day with the boys on the 4th. The boys and Jim went and got their usual, throwing money away, fireworks but decidedView full post »

Summer Stuff

This girl, is running a MARATHON right here. Austin is a power woman. Jim, the navigator of where to chase her next wasView full post »

winter and a few happenings

It’s that time of the year for the Lasher’s. Heavy into our wresting season, a big fat storm, the flu,View full post »

we are just smashing them right and left around here!

It’s coming to an end of our season, but oh what a season it has been. Enjoyed every stinkin’ second ofView full post »

trailing it with the boys!

We have gotten a few trips of riding some trails this summer. Brayden and I did a endurance ride together his first andView full post »

Adventure, that’s what boys are made of…..

You know, I sound exasperated so many times telling a story of ‘what my boys are up to next’, but I amView full post »

I know, I know, seriously, I KNOW!

These boys! I know other mom’s of all boys that may have bumps and scrapes here and there, and to be expectedView full post »